Reference management software: EndNote

Send references to EndNote

In most article databases and library catalogues you can easily send references to EndNote. Often, it is possible to mark and send several records at the same time. Look for an option to send or export references directly to EndNote or in RIS-format.

Depending on your web browser and the database that you are using, a pop up window may appear. Select Open with EndNote or ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper to send references directly to EndNote.

PubMed export


Sending references from PubMed

  1. Select the references that you want to save
  2. Click on the link Send to and select Citation manager
  3. Click on Create file
  4. A popup window appears. Select Open with: EndNote or ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper

Direct Export does not work well with safari and the downloaded file cannot automatically be opened with EndNote. Some alternatives for Mac users:

  1. Go to Downloaded files and drag and drop the file onto the EndNote icon on the Dock.
  2. Use another web browser (Firefox or Google Chrome).
  3. Save the file to your computer. In EndNote to to File → Import → Import File. Next to Import Option, choose the database from which you saved the file, for instance PubMed (NLM). Click on Choose and select the file. Click Import.

Sending references from Web of Science

  1. Select the references you want to save
  2. Click on the link Export and select EndNote desktop
  3. When you export references from Web of Science, you get options for exporting data. Select Full Record under Record Content.
  4. A popup window appears. Select Open with: EndNote or ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper

WoS export


Sending references from Google Scholar

We usually recommend that you use databases as first choice, because some information like abstracts and DOI numbers are not always included when you send references from Google Scholar.
To send references from Google Scholar to your EndNote library, you need to change a setting in Google Scholar. Go to Google Settings. Under Bibliography manager, select Show links to import citations into and then select EndNote in the dropdown menu. Click on Save to save the change.

Conduct your search and then click on Import into EndNote under the reference you want to save to send the reference information to EndNote.

Google Scholar