Reference management software: EndNote

Add full text articles using Find Full text

EndNote can attempt to find a journal article in PDF and attach it to a bibliographic reference that you have saved in your library. Mark one or more references in your library and select References → Find Full Text.

The following settings can increase the success rate for finding the full text documents when you are off campus: select Edit → Preferences → Find Full Text. Enter the following links:

OpenURL Path:
Authenticate with URL:



Add fulltext articles manually

If the PDF is not found and attached automatically, you can add it manually in EndNote:

  • Select a reference and go to References → File Attachments → Attach File. Now search for the PDF on your computer
  • or, right click on the reference and select File Attachments → Attach File
  • or, drag and drop the PDF from your computer onto the reference in EndNote.

Import PDF files from your computer into EndNote

If you have PDF files of journal articles on your computer, you can import these into EndNote and, in many cases, EndNote will create bibliographic references in your library at the same time:

  1. Go to File → Import → File (to select one PDF) or File → Import → Folder (to select an entire folder with several PDF files)
  2. Choose the file or folder on your computer
  3. Select Import Option: PDF and click on Import

Sometimes, the PDF will be imported, but without a bibliographic reference. Since you cannot use a PDF to cite the source in a document you will need to create a bibliographic reference. You can mark the PDF and fill all needed information about the reference.