Reference management software: EndNote

Sort your bibliography by categories

There are two ways to sort your bibliography in categories. See both alternatives below.

1. Create bibliography categories in a Word document

This option only affects one specific document.

  • Select Categorize References from the EndNote tab to open the Configure Categories dialog.
  • Create your categories by clicking the Category Headings (+) button to display a blank text field below the Category Headings section.
  • Enter a unique category name. For example, enter Journals as a category if you want all your cited journal articles to appear under this category (in the example below, two categories are entered: Litteratur and Offentligt tryck).
  • Continue creating categories. For example, you may create one for Books, Conference Proceedings, Electronic Media, or other types of material.
  • Using the drag-and-drop method, drag a specific reference to the appropriate category under the Category Headings section.
  • Continue this process until all references are assigned a particular category.
  • Check the "Uncategorized References" section to ensure that all references have been assigned to a category.

sort bibliography by categories in Word

2. Create bibliography categories in an output style

This option affects all documents where this output style is used.

  • Go to Edit → Output Styles and open the style you wish to edit
  • Select Categories under the Bibliography
  • Type the headlines you wish to use and click on Insert Reference Type to add the types of material to be included.

categories in output styles