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Parenthetical citations
... (De'Longhi, Evangelisti and Franzon, 2021).
... (Musk et al., 2020).

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De'Longhi, Evangelisti and Franzons (2021) patented solution...
Musk et al. (2020) has...


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Inventor's Last name, First name and Last name, First name (Year of approval). Title of patent. Patent number.

De'Longhi, Giuseppe, Evangelisti, Paolo and Franzon, Floriano (2021). Coffee Machine With Improved Movement System Of The Brewing Cylinder. US2021369040A1.

Musk, Elon, Park, Kate, Uzunovic, Nenad, Coleman Moore, Christopher, Havlak, Francis, Bowers, Stuart, Karpathy, Andrej, Ramanandan, Arvind, Kapur Sud, Ashima, Chen, Paul, Jain, Paril, Hertzberg, Alexander, Kong, Jason, Wang, Li, Arslan, Oktay, Gustafsson, Nicklas, Shieh, Charles and Seelig, David (2020). Autonomous and user controlled vehicle summon to a target. US2020/0257317A1.