Reference management software: Mendeley


Below you can find exercises meant to be worked with during the library's Mendeley introduction courses. The instructing librarian will tell you when you are expected to work with which exercise. If you are unsure about how to complete an exercise, don't hesitate to ask.

(If you are interested in attending an introduction course, please see all upcoming courses under About Mendeley.)

Exercise 1

Collect references with the Web Importer
  1. Find some articles or books in a database or online catalog and import them using the Mendeley Web Importer. Try for example:
  2. Open Mendeley Reference Manager and check the imported references for errors or missing information. Correct any errors.

Exercise 2

Add references manually

Try adding references in some of the following ways:

Exercise 3

Organize your library

Try some of the following functions: 

  • Create some collections (and maybe a sub-collection).
  • Add some references to your collections.
  • Add tags to some references and try filtering/searching for the tags.
  • Try the Mendeley PDF Reader.

Exercise 4

Add citations to a document and create a bibliography
  1. Open a document in Word. You can use one already containing text, or open an empty document and add some nonsense text. 
  2. Add some citations in the text.
  3. Add a page number to a citation.
  4. Suppress the author's name in a citation.
  5. Try changing citation styles.
  6. Create a bibliography.