Reference management software: Mendeley

Adding citations to a document

Open the Mendeley Cite panel

To open the Mendeley Cite panel in Microsoft Word, click on Insert > My Add-ins > Mendeley Cite.


Insert citations

Place the cursor where you want to insert a citation. Search for the reference you want to add in the Mendeley Cite panel and select it by checking the box next to it. You can select multiple references if you want to reference more than one source in the same citation. Click on Insert [X] Citations to add the chosen references to the text.



Edit citations

Sometimes you might have to change the way a citation looks in the text, for example if you want to add a page number or removing the name of the author (if it's already mentioned in the text). Never make any manual changes to the citations. The citations may look like plain text, but they contain code that may be damaged if you rewrite them.

To make edits to a citation, select it by clicking on it. This allows you to make changes to it in the Mendeley Cite panel. Click on the reference in the panel to open up the edits menu. Here you can add a page number or select Suppress author to hide the author name, among other things. Once you have made your changes, click on Done and then Save changes for the changes to appear in the text.


If you need to make changes to a citation because you discover that information is missing or faulty, you should make these changes in Mendeley Reference Manager (for instructions, see Collecting references). For any changes you make in Mendeley Reference Manager to be synced to your document, click on More at the top of the Mendeley Cite panel and select Update From Library.



Manual override

Mendeley Cite also offers the possibility to make a manual override and thus change the appearanca of a reference in the document without having to make changes in Mendeley Reference Manager. Manual edits will only show in the specific citation you make them to, and that citation will no longer be updated if you for example make changes to the reference in Mandeley Reference Manager or if you change citation styles in your document. For this reason, it is a good idea to wait to make these kinds of manual edits until you are almost finished with the text.

To do a manual override, you select the citation you want to edit and click on manually override the citation in the blue box in the Mendeley Cite panel. Make your changes in the text box and click on Done. If you want to undo the changes you have made you can click on Revert to default. The citation will then start to update again, along with the rest of the document.

Adding citations with LaTeX/BibTex

To add citations in LaTeX, use the cite commando and the Mendeley Citation Key:

\cite {Citation Key from Mendeley

To create a Citation Key for a reference, select the reference in Mendeley Reference Manager and enter a unique identifier in the Citation Key field (under the Info tab). See the example below.