Reference management software: Mendeley


  1. Register for a free account at
  2. Download Mendeley Desktop for Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Make sure your word processor is closed before installing Mendeley Desktop.
  3. Open Mendeley Desktop. Go to Tools > Install web importer and download the extension for your preferred browser. A Mendeley-icon for direct import will be added to the bookmarks bar.

    You may have to pin the Mendeley icon to your bookmarks bar if it doesn't show automatically. In Chrome you click on the puzzle piece icon ("Extensions") and click on the pin next to Mendeley Web Importer. In Firefox you click on Add-ons and themes in the browser menu. This takes you to a page where you can activate the extension.
  4. Open Mendeley Desktop. Go to Tools > Install [name of your word processor] plugin. Mendeley will recognize which word processing program you are using. In Word for Windows the plugin will appear under the References-tab, in Libre Office as a toolbar across the top of the screen and in Word for Mac as a separate panel.