Reference management software: Mendeley

Organizing your library

Organizing references

Mendeley automatically sorts your references in folders such as Recently Added, Recently Read and Needs Review. You can organize your library further by creating folders for separate projects.

Mendeley PDF Reader

If you double-click an entry for which you have the PDF document available, you will then be able to view the document in the built-in PDF reader. You can have multiple PDFs open simultaneously, each in their own tab. You can annotate these documents and highlight sections of the text. The PDF’s are also searchable.

Access your library from anywhere

You can keep your Mendeley library synced to your account on Open Mendeley desktop, tick F5 and your library will be synced to your account.

You are able to download a Mendeley application to your iOS or Android device. In the application there is a PDF reader and your annotations and highlights on your Mendeley desktop version will be synced with your application and vice versa.