Reference management software: Mendeley


Create Mendeley account

Create a free account on

Install Mendeley Reference Manager

Download Mendeley Reference Manager for Windows, Mac OS or Linux from and install the software. 

Install Mendeley Web Importer

Open Mendeley Reference Manager. Go to Tools > Install Mendeley Web Importer to download an extension to the browser you are using. This adds a Mendeley icon to your bookmarks bar, allowing you to import references from the web.

You may have to pin the Mendeley icon to your bookmarks bar if it doesn't show automatically. In Chrome you click on the puzzle piece icon ("Extensions") and click on the pin next to Mendeley Web Importer. In Firefox you click on Add-ons and themes in the browser menu. This takes you to a page where you can activate the extension.

Install Mendeley Cite

Open Mendeley Reference Manager. Go to Tools > Install Mendeley Cite for Microsoft Word. This will take you to Microsoft AppSource. Click on Get it now to download the Mendeley Cite app. You will be asked to log in to Microsoft AppSource.

Students at Uppsala University: As a student you can use your "" e-mail address to log in. 
Employees at Uppsala University: As an employee you you mustn't register your UU e-mail with Microsoft. You can use a private Microsoft account if you have one. If you don't, you can enter a private e-mail address and in the next step choose to create a new account. It is free of charge.