Reference management software: Mendeley

Creating a bibliography

Create a bibliography

Place the cursor where you want to insert the bibliography and click on More in the top right corner of the Mendeley Cite panel. Select Insert Bibliography. Mendeley will then automatically generate a bibliography based on all the references you have cited in the text, according to the citation style that you have chosen. The bibliography will update automatically if you remove citations or add new ones. 

NOTE! All data used by Mendeley to generate the bibliography is retrieved from your Mendeley library. Any faulty or missing information in the references in your Mendeley library will also appear in the bibliography. Make sure to proofread the bibliography so there are no errors.


Should you find any errors you can make the necessary edits in the reference posts in your Mendeley library. To update the bibliography with the corrected information, click on More in the top right corner of the Mendeley Cite panel and select Update From Library. Closing the document and opening it up again will also sync the information.

Create a bibliography with LaTeX/BibTex

To insert a bibliography in LaTeX, use the bibliography style command together with the BibTex template you are using, and the bibliography command with the name of the BibTex library file you created when you enabled BibTex syncing.


\bibliography{name of bibtex library file}