Reference management software: Mendeley

Adding citations to a document

  1. Make sure Mendeley Desktop is running. Place the cursor in your word processor where you want to insert the citation and press Insert Citation button in the Mendeley Cite-O-Matic part of the References tab..



Search for the reference you want to cite or choose Go to Mendeley to open Mendeley desktop and browse your library. Mark the desired paper and press the Cite button that now appears to the right of the Sync button.



  1. Edit a citation by placing the cursor on it and use the Insert Citation-button that is now called Edit Citation. Press the button to edit the citation by adding page number, suppressing author name etc.


If you are using LaTeX/BibTex, follow the following steps to make citations using your Mendeley library:
  1. Enable BibTex syncing in Mendeley under Tools > Options > BibTex. Tick the box to Enable BibTex syncing. Choose to create a BibTex file for the entire library, one file per group or one file per document.
  2. To insert citations in LaTeX you need to use the cite command and the Mendeley Citation Key:
    ​\cite {CitationKey from Mendeley
    You can find the Citation Key under the Details tab in your Mendley library.
  3. In order to insert a bibliography in LaTeX you need to use the bibliography style command along with the template you are using and the bibliography command along with the name of the BibTex library file you created when you enabled BibTex syncing in step 1:
    \bibliography{name of bibtex library file}