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Creator/Producer/User name. Title [video]. Year month day [cited year month day]. Available: URL


1. Uppsala University. Study - Live - Enjoy (Part 1, Arrival) [video]. 2014 January 31 [cited 2020 april 18]. Available:


  • Write the name of the person, organization or user name that uploaded the video. If the account didn't create the video you can clarify this in the text if it's important for the reader to know. You should however consider looking up the creator's own YouTube channel, website or other social media to see if the same video is available there, and instead cite that source if possible. If you want to cite specific people appearing in a video you can mention their names in the text and then reference the video as usual.
  • The date of retrieval should be stated for all electronic sources, in addition to the year of publication. This is written as shown above, in square brackets with the word "cited". The reason for this is that electronic sources may theoretically get edited and the information in them can then change. For this reason it is important to indicate at what time you studied an electronic source.