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Last name XX, Last name XX, inventor(s); Organization/Person, assignee. Title. [Swedish/American/European...] patent XX XXXXX. Publication year month day.


1. De'Longhi G, Evangelisti P, Franzon F, inventors; De'Longhi Appliances S.R.L., assignee. Coffee Machine With Improved Movement System Of The Brewing Cylinder. American patent US 2021369040 A1. 2021 December 2.

2. Musk E, Park K, Uzunovic N, Moore CC, Havlak F, Bowers S, et al., inventors; Tesla Inc, assignee. Autonomous and user controlled vehicle summon to a target. American patent US 2020/0257317 A1. 2020 August 13.

3. Esfahani B, inventor; Plejd AB, assignee. Lighting system and method for automatic control of an illumination pattern. Swedish patent SE 1651358 A1. 2018 April 19.


  • If the patent has more than six inventors, the first six are named followed by "et al."
  • Assignee is stated if other than the inventor(s).