Thesis Production

Technical issues

How do I deliver my thesis to Thesis Production?

One week before you submit your files, you will receive a link for uploading your thesis via email. No login is required. The link shows a page where you drag and drop your documents, see image.

How do I make a print-ready PDF file?

If you have access to the Adobe Acrobat Professional program (unfortunately, Adobe Reader alone does not suffice), you can create print-ready PDF files. All PDF files are not the same; some are suited for electronic publishing and others for printed publication. Furthermore, there are different ways to create PDF files. We recommend that you do not use the buttons or menus that are added to MS Word when Adobe Acrobat Professional is installed because using them can generate unexpected errors. Instead, you should print the document by using Acrobat Distiller, which can be found in the Print menu: File→Print... You also have to change the settings for Distiller, which you can access from Properties→Adobe PDF Settings in the Print dialogue box, and select the “Press” or “Press Quality” setting so that the document is prepared for printing. (Unfortunately, the settings for printing are not quite optimal, so we recommend that you contact Thesis Production for more information.)

Which fonts and font sizes should I use in my thesis?

The fonts and sizes used in the thesis template are adapted to be easy to read on the S5 paper format (165 x 242 mm). The body text is rendered with an 11 pt font size, Heading 1 with 18 pt, Heading 2 with 15 pt, Heading 3 with 13 pt, Heading 4 with 11 pt bold and Heading 5 with 11 pt italic. The font used is Times New Roman because it is a compact and easy-to-read typeface that also contains a large set of alphabets and symbols. Other fonts used in a few series are Berling and Adobe Garamond.

How do I get print files for articles?

Contact the periodical that provides PDF files that can be used for printing. Thesis production can produce print-worthy PDF files of manuscripts composed in MS Word.

How do I get an ISBN number?

ISBN and serial numbers are provided by Thesis Production when you register your thesis in DiVA.