Thesis Production

Licentiate theses

The Thesis Production Unit can be hired for publication and printing of licentiate theses.

In that case, apply for a timetable.

  • If education at research level ends with a licentiate degree, the licentiate thesis should be registered and published in a digital version in DiVA and must then be made available no later than three weeks before the planned examination.

  • Licentiate theses do not need to be digitally nailed at the library and no printed copies need to be handed over to the library.

  • Other licentiate theses can also be registered and published openly available in DiVA if desired

The licensee should also check whether the department or the scientific field has additional instructions, for example whether the essay is to be part of a series or whether a certain number of printed copies are to be produced.

See also:

  • Guidelines for education at postgraduate level at Uppsala University

  • Routines for publishing doctoral and licentiate theses at Uppsala University (Only available in Swedish)