Thesis Production


How should I use the thesis templates?

Read the instructions for the templates for a complete description of how to use them. Use only the formatting that is available in the templates.

Do I have to use the thesis template?

We recommend that you use the thesis template, but it’s not mandatory. (However, please note that you have to follow the various series’ design guidelines.)

How do I install a thesis template?

Watch the film and follow the instructions.

What types of templates are available?

There are templates for Word and LaTeX. See Thesis Templates.

Where can I get the thesis templates?

The templates can be downloaded from the Thesis Templates page.

Can I convert text I’ve already written to the thesis template? How do I do that?

We recommend that you copy and paste your text in parts into a new document created from the Thesis Template. Take a few paragraphs at a time, and make sure everything that has been pasted is formatted according to the instructions before proceeding with the next section of text. 

What margins and measurements is the thesis template based on?

The template is adapted for the printing of theses in the S5 format (165 x 242 mm). Sometimes the left and right margins are changed – when you paste formatted text from another document into the template, for example. To avoid this, be sure to remove section breaks from pasted text. Otherwise, the margins can be reset manually. The margins are: right, 2.25 cm; left, 2.25 cm; upper, 1.8 cm; lower, 2.2 cm; and gutter, 0 cm. The header margin is 0.45 cm and the footer is 1.3 cm.

Should all chapters begin on an odd page?

The Content, Dedication, List of Papers and first chapter always have to begin on an odd (right hand) page.

There is no automatic numbering in the template. Shouldn’t the headings be numbered?

The numbering of chapters and headings is optional. We recommend a numbering system such as 1, 1.1, 1.1.1 etc. for the styles Heading 1, 2 and 3, etc.

Every time I open the document, the heading numbering disappears. How do I get it back?

The style is preset so that no heading numbers appear. Go to Tools→Templates and add-ins.... Uncheck “Automatically update document styles”.

Only a small part of my inserted image is shown; the rest of the image is placed behind the text. How can I show the whole image?

The Standard paragraph format specifies a row height of exactly 13 points. In other words, only 13 points (4.5 mm) of the image can be shown. Choose the "Bildformat" paragraph format for the row where you want to place the image. "Bildformat" uses a single line spacing instead of exact line spacing.

Why are my images shown as empty squares?

The image placeholders option is turned on so the document is easier to manage. Go to Tools→Options...→View and uncheck the “image placeholders” option.

Why can’t I edit the image?

The image cannot be edited when the image placeholders option is being used instead of image. Go to Tools→Options...→View and uncheck the “image placeholders” option.

When I transfer text from another document, the footnote references change from numbers to letters. How do I get the numbers back?

Go to Insert→Reference→Footnotes and endnotes... or just Insert→Footnotes and endnotes... Change the number format from letters to numbers. Press “Apply”.