Thesis Production

How many books should I print?
The number of printed copies varies from series to series, but the minimum is 80 copies. Please contact the series editor/department secretary for more information about what applies to your series. If you publish a monograph or a compilation thesis issued in one of the department’s own series, please contact your department secretary for more information.


What does it cost to print a thesis?
Our price list shows the various cost examples and the costs for our services.


Who makes the cover for the thesis?
Thesis Production will help you make a cover for your thesis.


Can the cover look however I want?
The cover must conform to the framework for Uppsala University’s graphic guidelines. This means that certain elements, such as the logo placed on the border or label, must appear on the cover, while there is room for creating a distinctive design with images, colours and so on. Read more about the graphic guidelines on the Communications unit’s web pages.


Should the thesis include a summary in Swedish?
For information on what should be included in your thesis, please contact your department secretary.