Thesis Production


What is electronic posting?

Before the public defence of your thesis, you should make your dissertation public by posting the date of the defence. According to Uppsala University´s Guidelines for Third-cycle Education, doctoral theses should be posted at least three weeks before the public defence.

According to a decision by the Vice-Chancellor, electronic posting is the only mandatory posting. This means that the posting information – the abstract as well as the time and place of the public defence – is published in DiVA. Posting is done in two steps:

  1. To post your thesis, you must first have registered it in DiVA. You do this when submitting your files to Thesis Production.

  2. To complete posting you need to submit five printed copies of the dissertation to the staff at the Information Desk at Carolina Rediviva. This needs to be done three weeks before your public defence date. The final date for posting you can find in the time plan we send you.

When do I do the posting?

Postings must be done no later than three weeks before the day of the public defence. Since posting must be done during the period from 16 August to 14 June, anyone defending a thesis earlier than 5 September must post it before 14 June during the preceding spring semester.

When is the information about the thesis and the public defence published in the University thesis database?

When you finish posting by leaving five printed copies of the dissertation to the staff at the Information Desk at Carolina Rediviva, you will receive a posting receipt, sent to your email address, confirming that your thesis has been posted. Once this is done, your thesis is made public on upcoming public defence dates webpage in DiVA.

What is required for posting?

To post, you must have received approval of the thesis from the relevant faculty and have booked a date for the public defence. Information about the thesis and public defence must also be registered in DiVA. Five printed copies of the dissertation must also be handed over to the Information Desk at Carolina Rediviva when posting.

Where should I do the posting?

You do the posting at the Information Desk at Carolina Rediviva. Enter through the main entrance and go straight ahead. The Information Desk is open for dissertation matters at 09:00–15.00 every weekday during the academic year, except public holidays and busy days. You must authenticate with a driver's license, passport or ID card (Campus card does not apply).

What applies if I want to post at the University Main Building?

Traditional posting in the University Main Building is optional. You email the University Main Building’s staff a week before with requests for a date/approximate time for posting. The University Main Building provides hammer and nails. They also have a drilling machine, if you need help making a hole in your thesis for the posting.
Phone: 018-471 1715 (during office hours)

Where can I apply for a shortened posting time?

If you have special reasons, you can apply for a posting time shorter than three weeks (normally very restrictive on this). The application, which must be approved by your supervisor and the external reviewer, should be addressed to the Dean of the Faculty and sent to the Office of the Faculty.

What should I do if I’m unable to do the posting myself and deliver the books at Carolina Rediviva?

If you are unable to post in person, you are welcome to send a representative with proxy authorisation to do the posting and leave the books.
TEMPLATE: Proxy authoriation (PDF)

What is a posting receipt?

When copies of the printed thesis are delivered to the University Library, you will receive a digital posting receipt to your email address. This confirms the delivery of the dissertations and that you have completed the posting.

Licentiate thesis 

Unlike doctoral theses, licentiate theses should not normally be digitally nailed or submitted to the library in printed form. Licentiates should, however, check whether the faculty or department has special requirements on how the text should be made available before the seminar. In Uppsala University's guidelines for education at postgraduate level, it is stated that "For a licentiate thesis, the same availability time before a licentiate seminar as for a doctoral thesis applies". This means that licentiate theses must be publicly available no later than three weeks before the seminar.