Register, publish and manage records in DiVA

About the Manage student theses guide

This guide is for administrators of student theses in DiVA.

Read more at the end of the guide on how to become a thesis administrator and how departments can start archiving theses in DiVA.

Search for the theses in DiVA

Log in to DiVA with your university account and password A.

Select Publish to see a list of theses to be reviewed and published.

If a thesis is not in the list

If you don't see a particular thesis in the list, first check that it hasn't already been published in DiVA.

If not, contact the Library. The student may have failed to enter the correct department, programme or series, with the result that you cannot see the thesis in your list.

Manage lists

You can do a free-text search on e.g. author or titles. Sorting can be done by date of registration, author, title and year.

To see possible duplicates quickly when there are a large number of entries in the list, you can sort either by author or title. Sorting by title works best in this case.

If you want to delete a record, such as a duplicate, click on the red x.

If the DiVA record contains an internal note, an exclamation mark appears to the left of the record in the list. Move the cursor over the exclamation mark to see the note.

About the registration form

Hover over the question mark next to a field in the DiVA registration form to see the help text explaining the field.

You can toggle the language of headings, buttons and help texts in the DiVA registration form by clicking on the Language button in the upper right corner. The available languages are Swedish, English and Norwegian.

Mandatory fields

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*) in the form. Departments may specify in their instructions to students that other information, such as series, is also required.

Check the information on the thesis

Click on the thesis you want to publish

Check that the information in the registration form matches the full text of the paper.

Click on Full Text to open the attached file. The full text link can be found on the left side of the registration form.

If you are unable to open the file, or the wrong file has been uploaded, or the file is missing , contact the student and ask for a new PDF file to be sent by email.

Students are not able to edit their records after submitting.

You can cancel and save changes without publishing the paper.
Click on the Cancel/Save changes button located at the top and bottom of the page, and select Save.


Department or division is indicated here. Check that the correct department is selected.

To change the organisation; click on Choose organisation and search or browse for the correct department using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons until you find the correct department.

Organisation is not a mandatory field but may be specified as required in the department’s instructions to students.

An organisation which has been added can be removed using the red x.


Any collaboration with a corporation or other external organisation is indicated here.

Since there is no neutral position, check No if confidential.

Enter title and subtitle (if any).

A colon is automatically inserted between the title and subtitle.

The language of the title must be specified.

If appropriate, an Alternative title may be added.

For example, the title in another language.

Specify the language of the alternative title.


Enter the year in which the thesis was approved.


Number of pages is recommended though not mandatory.

Enter the last numbered page of the paper. Appendices should not be included in the page count.


If the thesis is part of a publication series, select it from the list of series where possible.

Indicate the number of the paper in the series.

If the series is not included in the list, enter the information under Other series.


Unless otherwise instructed by the department, do not fill in.

National subject category

If the subject category selected is incorrect, you can select another by clicking on Choose national subject category.

Search in the search box or browse the subject tree using the plus sign (+).

Previously selected subjects can be deleted by clicking on the red x.

Several subject categories may be selected, but there is no requirement to select more than one.

Choose the one closest to the subject; it does not have to be an exact match.

Part of project

If the thesis is part of a project, indicate this here.


Keywords may be used to describe the paper.

Keywords should be separated by commas. Indicate the language of the keywords.


Enter the abstract provided in the beginning of the thesis.

Note that if text is pasted from Word or other word processing software, it may contain incorrect formatting.

To avoid this, click on the Paste as text icon  and then paste the abstract.

Make sure it looks right and that no invalid characters are included.

Specify the language of the abstract.

These fields are not mandatory, but may increase the visibility of the paper.

Note: If confidential, do not fill in the Abstract.

Supervisor and Examiner

The names of the supervisor and examiner may be entered if desired.

It is not necessary to enter ORCID.


This information is usually not required.

May be used for information not covered by other fields

Only visible to administrators with the same level of permissions.

Never visible to students or the public.

Internal note

Can be used for internal notes.

A note made here is indicated by an exclamation mark in the publishing list.

Academic term

This can be used to specify which semester the thesis corresponds to.

For example, a paper may be published in VT2015 but belong to the thesis course of HT2012.

Manage files

On the second page of the DiVA registration form, you can manage attachments. Settings will apply only to the uploaded file.

If no file is to be attached, click on Continue.

To change the file settings, click on the Edit file information icon 

Select Only for archiving to keep the file hidden from public view and click Save.

If the file is to be hidden for a given period of time, select Make freely available later.

This will open a dialog box where you can select a date when the file will become visible.

After selecting the date, click on Save.

The secrecy settings are determined by administrators.

To change the settings of a file click on the icon Edit file information 

If the paper is confidential, select Secrecy and enter the registration number of the decision.

The confidentiality decision document does not need to be uploaded.

Abstract and any keywords should be removed in case of confidentiality. For Collaboration, tick No.

Note: Due to a bug in DiVA, it is necessary to follow this procedure:

Save the file on your computer and then delete the file from the record.

Re-upload the file and indicate secrecy and registration number.

Archiving and secrecy

The thesis can be archived if the full text file needs to be hidden. Then only the information in the DiVA form will be publicly visible.
Note that because the thesis is a public document, it is still possible to request a copy from the department.

If the file contains information that should not be made publicly available, a confidentiality decision must first be made at the department. A secrecy assessment can then be conducted before making the thesis available. In this case only the information in the DiVA form will be publicly visible. 

If necessary, both the file and the information in the DIVA form can be archived. Protected identity and some agreements with companies are examples of when this is required. Only administrators with the relevant permissions can then view and edit the thesis in DiVA.

If the file cannot be opened or is the wrong file, please contact the student and ask for a new PDF file by e-mail.

Students are unable to edit DiVA records themselves.

Save the file on your computer and then click on Upload more files.

Once the file is uploaded, check I accept the publishing conditions.

Delete the incorrect file by clicking on the red x next to the file.

Review and publish

On the last page of the registration form you can check that all the information is correct.

If you want to change something, either use the Edit information link or click Back to go back through the form and make the changes.

If for some reason neither the record nor the file attached may be made public until after a certain date, select Available from. Enter the specific date using the calendar icon.

If you want to hide the record and attached file indefinitely, select Do not display external.

If everything is correct, click on Publish.

Edit a published paper

You can edit theses for which you have administrator rights.

Log in to DiVA with your university account and password A.

Select Edit/Delete record.

Search for the paper using keywords, author, title or the urn:nbn of the paper (e.g. urn:nbn:se:uu:diva-9427).

To find papers that are not displayed externally, tick the Only hidden theses checkbox.

If you do not enter any information, the search will return all papers that you have the authority to edit.

A green icon to the right of the paper means a full text file is attached.

Click on the thesis to open the registration form and make the changes.

Proceed to the Review/Publish step and click on Accept.

If you want to unpublish the thesis i.e. send it back to the Publish section.

Find the thesis, click on the entry and proceed to the Review/Publish page.

Click on the Unpublish link, you find it under Available from, and then click on Accept.

Click on the red x to the right of the thesis in the list and confirm that you want to delete it.

Note that this will delete the thesis completely. If you have accidentally deleted a thesis that should remain, it may be possible to restore it.
Contact Ask the Library.

New thesis administrator at departments archiving theses in DiVA

To become a DiVA administrator at a department that archives theses in DiVA, approval from the head of department is required.

Contact the library to book an introduction and get help getting started. Specify: who the DiVA administrator(s) will be; the degree programme; subject/course; and any series you wish to add to DiVA. This allows us to assign the correct authority in the system.

The Library can also set up an email notification to DiVA administrators so a notice is sent when a new thesis has been registered.

For departments not yet archiving papers in DiVA

Departments can opt to archive their theses digitally in DiVA instead of using hard copy. Many departments already publish and archive theses in DiVA.
The option of archiving the theses remains, but we recommend that they are also published in DiVA to increase the visibility of Uppsala University's student theses.

If a department is to switch to digital archiving of theses, all theses must be registered in DiVA, with the exception of confidential theses (which can still be archived in paper format if preferred).

Start archiving theses in DiVA

In order to publish student theses in DiVA, a DiVA administrator at the department needs to check that the thesis is approved and then publish the thesis.

If your department has decided to switch to digital archiving, you must first notify the University Archives. Send an e-mail to the Registry at Uppsala University´s archive.

Contact the Library to get an administrator account and an introduction to DiVA.