Thesis support

Guide - Order form

Enter your first and last name, and a telephone number where we can reach you.

Specify what type of computer and what version of Word you use, or if you use LaTeX. Specify what version of Word you use. Word use year, ex 2016 or 2019. So add ex 16 or 19.

Number of copies: Specify how many books you would like to print. If you are unsure, consult your supervisor.



Opponent copies: An opponent copy is a version of the thesis that is usually given to the opponent, but which could also be useful to yourself. The spine is bound using a ring binder, and the pages are only printed on the right-hand page. The left-hand pages are left blank, which enables the opponent and yourself to write down notes and questions in preparation for the defence of your thesis. (An opponent copy is commonly ordered in two copies.) Number of papers: Specify the number of papers and manuscripts that are included in the thesis.

Number of colour pages: Specify the total amount of colour pages you would like to have in your thesis. Include the information when you submit your thesis files to Thesis production.

NOTE: Send a list containing information  regarding colour pages in the kappa and papers. Write page and figure number for each figure you want in colour.


The cover of a book published by Uppsala University has to adhere to the university’s graphic profile.


Border or Label: Choose border or label – these can be red, grey, or white. The label can also be black.

See examples

Seal: Would you like the Uppsala University seal on the cover? The UU seal looks like a watermark, and the colour is 85% of the background colour. On a white background the seal is shown in a shade of black (15%).

Figure: Would you like a figure or a photo of some kind on the cover? Please specify where you want the figure placed, on the front, the back or if the figure shall cover the hole cover. If you want a photo of yourself (selfie), please let us know.

See examples

UU logotype: The Uppsala University logotype is mandatory and is placed in the upper left corner of the cover. 

Logotype options:
Red/black or black logotype if the border/label is grey or white.
White logotype if the border/label is red.
White logotype if the label is black or red.

If there’s a thesis published by Uppsala University in your bookshelf with a cover that is to your liking, there is a high probability that we designed the cover. If you’d like your thesis cover to look the same as the published thesis, please write down the author’s name and year of publication so we can search for the cover and make a copy for you. Please note that any eventual pictures can’t be copied. If there’s a certain colour, font, or paper quality that you like, you can mark these options (see below) so we can design the cover to your liking.

Background: Choose background colour: black, white, or colour

Colour: you can choose colour from the PMS colour guide (see link).  Add PMS + number in Add value field (ex. PMS 187).

You can also give us colour values in RGB (ex. R:10, G: 120, B: 57) or CMYK (ex. C:10, M: 40, Y: 57, K: 14)

Tinted (gradient) effect: Choose tinted/toned colour if you want the background colour to fade from a darker to a lighter shade. To show us in which direction you wish the tinted colour to fade, please draw an arrow on one of the cover examples which begins at the darkest and ends at the lightest shade.

See examples

Title, subtitle and name: Specify which font you would like to use for the title, subtitle and name.
Subtitle: Specify which character style you would like the subtitle to have: regular or italics.
Name: Specify if you want your name written using Uppercase, Lowercase, or Small Caps lettering. 


Specify what paper quality you would like for the cover: 
Semi glossy (laminated)
Glossy structured
Matte structured

Specify what paper colour you would like for the inlay: 
Yellow toned paper
White paper

Here you affirm that you have permission to print and publish your thesis in the intended series. 
The signature can also be signed by your supervisor or other qualified administrative staff.

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy: Decision from the disciplinary domain of medicine and pharmacy must be attached.