Reference management software: Zotero

Creating a reference list

When you have finished adding in-text citations to your document, place the cursor where you want your reference list and click Add/Edit Bibliography. You can change the style of your in-text citations and bibliography by clicking Document Preferences. There are already a number of citation styles to choose from in Zotero, but many more can be downloaded from the Zotero Style Repository. Click on the name of the style to install it.

When you have finished your document, you can remove the connection to Zotero by clicking on Unlink Citations.

PLEASE NOTE! Once removed, the connection to Zotero cannot be recreated. Always save a copy of the document with the connection still intact, if you want to continue to edit it later on.

Create a reading or reference list without in-text citations

You can easily create a list of references without in-text citations. Mark the references in your Zotero library, right-click and choose Create Bibliography from Selected Items. Or, drag and drop the relevant items from your Zotero library into a document. Set the preferred citation style in the Export pane of Zotero Preferences.