Reference management software: Zotero

It is possible to modify Zotero by using plugins. Your Zotero-plugin for Word or Libre Office is one example. Have a look at and search for the page “Zotero plugins” at to explore. Note! These plugins are created by other Zotero-users, hence not all plugins will be perfect. If in doubt, read a review of a plugin before you install, or uninstall if you notice any bugs. 

Installing plugins

In order to install a plugin, go to > Plugins and search for the plugin you want. Click on the link; you will now be redirected to another website.

  • Download the latest available version of the plugin. You will find the plugin as a .xpi file.
  • In the Zotero application, go to Tools > Add ons.
    • Click on Settings ⚙ in the top right corner > Install add-on from file > choose the downloaded file from your computer.
    • Alternatively, you can drag the .xpi file to the Add ons window.
  • Restart Zotero. The add on should now be installed.

Try plugins for Zotero

"Google Scholar Citations for Zotero" is a plugin that lets you see how many citations an item has in Google Scholar.

When you have installed the plugin, mark one or several items in your library, right click, and choose Update citations. Citations show up in the field Extra in the item metadata, under the variable "ZSCC".

Oftentimes, reference styles demands that the DOI for online articles be included in the reference list. However, DOI's may sometimes be missing or incorrect in Zotero. "Zotero DOI Manager" can be used in order to correct this.

When you have installed the plugin, mark one or several items in your library and right click. Under the option Manage DOIs you can know choose among following options:

  • Get short DOIs finds and imports short DOI's of the type 10/abcde from CrossRef. The short DOI is often what is needed in a reference list.
  • Get long DOIs can also import full DOIs.
  • Verify and clean DOIs is used to control the validity of DOI's in your library and to clean the DOI field (e.g., by removing

DOI's show up in the Extra field in the item metadata, under the variable "DOI".