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[#] Organization/X. Last name. "Title of webpage." Name of website. Accessed: Date. [Online]. Available: URL


[1] National Library of Sweden. "History of the Codex Gigas." Accessed: May 9, 2022. [Online]. Available:

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  • If a webpage has no named author, the organization behind it is specified as author.
  • If a webpage has an organization as author, and if this organization is identical to the name of the website, the name of the website is ommitted. See [1] and [2] above.
  • The date of retrieval should be stated for all electronic sources. This is written as shown above, with the word "Accessed". The reason for this is that electronic sources may theoretically get edited and the information in them can then change. For this reason it is important to indicate at what time you studied an electronic source.