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Prusa MK3s 3D Printers


You have just gained access to the Makerspace and are not completely sure how to use the 3D printers? Or maybe you just want a refresh? Here is a quick factsheet to help you out!

Before printing

Remember to only book for one printer at a time. Find an STL file online (or design your own!) and use a slicer (ex. Prusa Slicer) to create a G-code. How to know if it is a good print? Look at the description for details on how to print and check the comments to see if other people have already done it. 

 Make sure that the correct printer and filament type are selected in the slicer. 

For most prints you can put 0,2 layer height and 15% infill. Export the file to the SD card preferable with your name in front so you can keep track of it. If you can not export the file to the SD card make sure that it is not blocked (manual block).

What filament should you use?

  • PLA: more often used, easier to print (more colours available!).
  • PETG: better for stress, pressure, and water contact. More UV and temperature resistant.

Prepare for printing

 Put the most suitable plate. Generally smooth for PLA and texture/satin for PETG (never use the smooth plate for PETG!) and make sure the screen says the same tye of plate. Select preheat option. The cross button is not a go-back button, it reboots the printer, avoid it.


Select the file that you want to print and stay there for the first minutes to make sure nothing goes immediately wrong. Are you having a printing issue? There is a paper on titled "3D printers most common problems"! Check it out and if it does not work out contact us in Facebook, Instagram or email.

After printing

Is your print ready? Congrats! 

Did it not work out? Keep trying another day :)

 Regardless of the state of the print, it is time to clean up. Use the brush to clean the nozzle (do not touch it with your hands!). Make sure there are no pieces of filament on the plate or table (you can use the small vacuum for it). Put the filament pieces in the recycle bins (the PLA that is labelled "addnorth" goes to the left one!) 

Send us pictures of your amazing 3D prints so we can share them with the rest of the members and inspire them!

Enjoy, time to experiment!

 Remember that there are plenty of tutorial videos and posts, but look for the correct printer.


Most common problems

Is something not working? Don't worry, we have all been there, so let's try to see if you can fix it yourself:

Adhesive problem - is your print getting detached from the beginning? Try taking the print out, cleaning the plate and starting over. Is it still not working? Maybe try it with a different plate or increase the bed temperature by 5ºC. Not there yet? Send us a message!

Print problem - is your print coming out weird? Maybe it keeps breaking or it does not look like you want it look? Try changing the different settings of the Prusa slicer and creating a new G-code. Play with the different layer heights, infill, and even adventure with some advance settings! Google what other people might have done and talk to other members or to us for advice. 

Blob - has your print detached and become a blob in the printer? Preheat the printer, using tweezers and the brush try to take out the blob. Be careful with the wires that go around, they can very easily be broken so don't pull on them! If it is not working afterwards, or if it is a big blop and you feel unsure about doing it, send us a message!


On the right, you can see an image as an example of a blob affecting Tussilago :( If it's this big contact us instead of trying to take it out.

If you see that someone else's print has undergone one of the previous problems feel free to stop the print before it becomes a bigger problem and leave a post-it note and/or post a message in the Facebook group!


 There might be other problems going on, try to Google what the problem may be, but remember, do not unscrew anything or change the calibration, if it has to come to that, we will take care of it!

 If you need to contact us you can do so through our Facebook and Instagram page (@ebcmakerspace) or you can email us (

3D Pen


What filaments can you use?

On the right side of the closet, you will find small pieces of filaments, you can use all of them. Furthermore, you can use any PLA filament that is used for 3D printers! Now let's learn step by step how to use it:

In order to start, you need to plug it into a USB port. Once done, press button 1 (refer to the image to know where is each button), the light should stay red until it is hot and then it turns blue.

 If it doesn't switch and stays red change the USB port.

Put the filament on top (filament in red in the picture=) and press button 2. The filament will start travelling through the pen. When you can see the filament being extruded (and of the right color) press the button again and remove the excess filament. 

 Do not forcefully introduce the filament, the motor will take it.

There are two ways of printing. If you press button 2 once, it will start printing and you'll need to press it again to stop it. If you hold button 2 then it will only print while being held. Use the + and - (button 3) to adjust the speed.

To change colors

Press and hold button 1 for two seconds until the light flashes red and blue. The filament will automatically be extruded and you can remove it. Afterwards, the light will be blue. Put the new color and it will be fed through automatically.

Enjoy, time to experiment!

Send us pictures of any cool 3D drawings that you manage to do, so we can share them with the rest of the members and inspire them!

 If you have more questions on how to get the best results check out more instructions online! (Polaroid root play 3D pen)