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All our ebooks are searchable in our search service here: ub.uu.se

Before you start

To be able to read ebooks you sometimes need apps that you download to your computer or mobile device.

There are many different apps to handle ebooks and we have mentioned the ones you need for a specific e-book collection in the menu to the left.

Get started:

  • Register or an Adobe-ID on Adobe's website.
  • Download Adobe Digital Editions (for your computer), or for your mobile device from for example Google Play or App Store. Sometimes you need an Adobe Digital Edition even if you only want to read a book online.
  • If you are using a mobile device to read e-books you can also download Adobe Digital Editions from Google Play or App Store.

How do I borrow/read ebooks?

Ebooks at the University Library doesn't need to be borrowed in order to read them, and you don't need a library card to access them. You only need you login credentials from Uppsala University. You can find our ebooks in our search service.

Usually you an read an ebook online. The mobile interface is often meant for a larger mobile device, such as a tablet. Sometimes you can download a book to your device or  computer but usually only for a shorter period, a day or two. 

Read more about accessing the library resources from home.

Access to e-resources from home

Why do all ebook platforms look different?

We  buy our books from variuos publishers. They all want to use their own platform with their own ways to display their content.  The publishers also decide what you can and cannot do with their ebooks. If an e book is available  for purchase on several platforms we chose to purchase from the one with the most userfriendly options.

Conditions for use of our ebook collections are stated under each collection to the left