Media and Communication Studies


World Press Trendsstatistics about news media in various countries e.g. domestic coverage and costs of advertising.


Svensk mediedatabas (Swedish media database)

The database is a catalogue of five million hours of TV, music, film, radio and multimedia that have been produced in Sweden. In order to use the resources, you will need to approach Uppsala University Library with which The Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images (SLBA) has an Inter-Library Loan agreement.


Foreign radio and TV stations via TV/Radioworld

Includes links to news agencies, trade associations and authorities that monitor radio and TV.


News agencies

News agencies collect and disseminate news nationally and internationally to the news media and broadcasting organisations.

  • AFP Agence France Presse
  • AP Associated Press
  • IPS Inter Press Services News Agency
  • ITAR-Tass
  • Reuters 
  • TT  – The Swedish News Agency.