Economic History


  • Centre for Business History
    Documentation on about 7000 Swedish companies, from the 18th century onwards.
  • Labour movement archives and library
    The labour movement's archives reflect the history of the Swedish labour movement with more than 5,000 archives from political groups, trade unions and other organisations as well as the many personal archives of individuals active in the labour movement. In addition there are over 120 foreign archives. 
  • NAD National Archival Database of Sweden
    Information about archives and collections in most of the country's institutions that hold archives such as Sweden’s National Archives, Military Archives,  Regional state archives, town and city archives, the archives of museums, mass movements and university libraries etc.
    Available on a CD-ROM at the Carolina Library. A limited part of the content is available on the NAD website.
  • The National Archives and the Regional state archives of Sweden
  • SVAR
    A Swedish archive database with censuses from 1870 - 1900, census records, documents concerning sea-faring people, limited companies etc.