Systematic reviews

Define inclusion and exclusion criteria

To delimit and define your search and to work with the results in a structured way, we recommend defining inclusion and exclusion criteria in advance. Some examples of selection criteria that you can consider are:

  • What types of publications are you interested in, e.g. scientific articles, books, book chapters, proceedings, reports, guidelines, web pages?
  • What languages can the publications be written in?
  • In what time frame do you want to search?
  • Various perspectives to be included, e.g., medical, psychological, sociological aspects.

By defining inclusion and exclusion criteria in advance, you gain a clearer picture of which publications are relevant to your searches.

Examples of possible criteria:

  • Inclusion criteria: Interview studies and observational studies.
  • Exclusion criteria: Studies with a publication date older than 10 years and studies in languages other than English.