Data Processing and Analysis

Interviews as research material

Interviews are usually documented in the form of video or audio. The library offers workshops and guidance in tools to transcribe interviews and to analyse the transcription. 

Interviews as research material

Individual guidance


Transcribe audio and video (manually) more efficiently with keyboard shortcuts and without having to switch between several windows. 


A free and open-source text coding tool. You can choose to install it on your own computer or use the web version. 


A web-based, free and open source text analysis tool for qualitative analysis combined with quantitative analysis. Tag or comment text, view word frequencies, keywords in context (KWIC) and use search queries for more efficient annotation. 


ELAN is an open-source transcription tool for audio and video where you can use tiers for different speakers or for speech and gestures. It allows for segmentation and registration of silences and is a good option for e.g. conversation analysis and analysis of sign language.