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Word MacOS - Thesis template installation guide

Installation guide MacOS
Uppsala University thesis template for Word 
For information on the template and thesis publishing, please visit

This information will help you set up the template used for most doctoral theses presented at Uppsala University. The template will make it easier for you to follow the guidelines regarding layout and speed up the process of preparing the thesis for print and electronic publishing. 
This document is a compliment to the installation films you can see at Word for MacOS

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ord 2016 and 2019 for Mac OS

To get started you need to follow the steps outlined under Installation – to install the template – and New – to create a new thesis document. If you change Word version or change templates you can paste your text into a new thesis document or follow the instructions outlined under Attach.

Note: Before you install the template you must update Word 2016. Check for updates. You need at least Version 15.20. Open Word and go to the Word menu and choose About Word to check version.

Installation – To install the template

  1. Go to
  2. Download the template for Word 2016 and 2019 MacOSX by right-clicking the link UUThesis-Word2016-OSX.dotm and saving the file to your desktop. The template is called UUThesis-Word2016-OSX.dotm and there should be an exclamation mark on the icon.
  3. Open Word 2016 or 2019 and click File Open… (Arkiv › Öppna…). Select the template on your desktop and click Open (Öppna). The template will open. If prompted, click Enable editing (Aktivera redigering) and Enable content (Aktivera innehåll).
  4. Click FileSave as template… (Arkiv › Spara som mall…) then
  5. Select File format: “Word Macro-Enabled Template
    (Filformat: “Makroaktiverad Microsoft Word-mall”) and 
  6. Click Save (Spara) to save a copy of the template in the preset destination (Templates or Mallar)
  7. Close the template and delete the original UUThesis-Word2016.dotm that you downloaded.


New – To create a new thesis document

Before you begin, please follow the instructions to install the template (see above). 

  1. Open Word 2016 or 2019 and click FileNew from template… › My templates 
    (Arkiv › Ny från mall… › Mina mallar).
  2. Find UUThesis-Word2016 and double-click it to create a new document.

Attach – If you change Word version or the template isn’t working
Before you begin, please follow the instructions to install the template (see above). 

  1. Click ToolsTemplates and add-ins (Verktyg › Mallar och tillägg…).
  2. Click Attach… (Koppla…), open My templates (Mina mallar), and select 
    UUThesis-Word2016-OSX.dotm. Click Open (Öppna).
  3. Check the box Automatically update document styles 
    (Uppdatera dokumentets formatmallar automatiskt) and click OK.

The UU Menu toolbar    – Working with the template
You will find a panel under the tab UU in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This is the UU Menu and it contains Rubrik, Text, Tecken, Lista, and Bilder och tabeller.

More information

For more information you can also check Word template content and guidelines

You can also watch our video tutorial regarding Word thesis template: Word template video tutorial